Hand2Mind - Filling My Jars


We have been successfully collaborating with Hand2Mind over the past year, developing a whole host of Children’s self-care books and products which include journals, activities and other direct to consumer toys and kits. Our latest creation is these inspiring Mindfulness Jars for children aged between 5 and 10 with a supporting journal.

Children are guided by engaging activities and thoughtful prompts. This one-of-a-kind journal introduces children to the art of self-care, teaching them valuable life skills in a playful and colourful manner. Designed by us with children in mind and featuring playful illustrations by the prolific illustrator Ed Myer, children can engage and explore three essential facets of self-care: gratitude, worries, and affirmations. Through a carefully curated blend of activities, they learn to express thankfulness, manage uncomfortable feelings, and foster positive self-talk. You will see that alongside the three colourful jars, we have also designed some playful sticker sheets for children to use to personalise their experience and store their gratitude, worries, and affirmations – turning the journal into a tangible, interactive experience.

By the time children complete the Filling My Jars journal, they will have gained clarity on their goals, identified sources of happiness, and developed a deeper understanding of themselves. As the co-creators behind this enriching experience, we’re proud to share a product that seamlessly combines creativity and self-care, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds that embark on this empowering journey.