Phonics - DK Learning - Dandelion Launchers & Readers Series

DK Learning

We are very proud to have worked alongside DK Learning on the Dandelion series. Dandelion Launchers and Readers are phonics books for beginner readers aged 4-7. They are designed to help children learn the sounds of letters and how to blend them into words. Each book introduces only a few letters/sounds at a time, allowing children to read independently from the start. Both series of books are based on the latest research on phonics and reading development. They are aligned with the national curriculum and the synthetic phonics approach. They are also compatible with other phonics programs and resources. Dandelion Launchers and Readers are the perfect choice for parents and teachers who want to help children develop essential skills such as decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary. They also foster a love of reading and a sense of achievement in children. With Dandelion Launchers and Readers, learning to read becomes an exciting adventure!