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Award winning TV superstar Ant Middleton has published his first kid’s book. Packed with motivational tasks, challenges and tips to help inspire and motivate young minds. Providing lessons on how to stay motivated, setting goals and celebrating your strengths all whilst having fun is what this book is all about!

Working with a five-time best-selling author was an absolute honour and working with them on such a powerful book was even more rewarding. At Collaborate, education is at the core of everything we do, so creating a book that will impact the daily lives of so many young people in such a positive way is so exciting!

Teaching resilience to our children at a young age can have a huge impact on their lives, helping them to take healthy risks because they don’t fear falling short of expectations. It helps them to build on their natural curiosity, trusting their instincts and instilling bravery. By teaching our children resilience, we give them the tools to help navigate stressful situations later in life, providing them with the confidence to work through their problems in a healthy way.

We take great pride in having taken part in such a project, helping the next generation of kids have the tools to become the best versions of themselves is truly inspiring!

A challenging project in production, we had only 160 hours for 160 pages of design and illustration… But, as always, we came out triumphant, helping to produce a truly incredible book.