Pix Too

Collaborate Agency

Kadi International is a Latin American publishing house located in Panama City. As well as developing great children’s books, they create other products such as toys – and that’s why they contacted us! They had put a lot of effort and energy into developing a new toy that they were immensely proud of, and they wanted packaging design that was appropriate for the toy.
Pix Too brings a unique and modern way of playing with a puzzle. It is composed of a futuristic and flexible plastic mat in which you can create your own pixel compositions following the design supplied inside! Collaborate art directed and designed a cylindrical packaging that highlights the round shape of the pixel puzzle pieces that can be viewed through two windows.  The flexible design comes as a small tube that can be carried around easily and comes in 8 different designs that represent each game that the client can understand at a simple glance. We also developed a useful and striking SPU for displaying the 8 different games at once in the points of sales.