Presentation to American Book Producers

17th May 2021


We aren’t competitors, we’re COLLABORATORS.

We were given the amazing opportunity to present to the American Book Producers Association about the services that both Advocate Art and Collaborate Agency can provide to their members.

Amanda Hendon showed off the wide variety of styles and content that Advocate artists can provide, from adult coloring books to easy readers to cookbooks to graphic novels to new age books. She also highlighted some of the superstar artists in Advocate’s portfolio.

Kate Johnson and Susan Honeywell from Collaborate were on hand to show the members the wide variety of services that Collaborate offers. We explained to them the value of the services we provide and how we can be an invaluable asset to their offerings. In fact, we can be an extension of their own studios, providing editorial, design, art management, illustration, and animation in a wide range of industries including book publishing, corporate, and ad agencies.

The presentation was well received by the members with feedback, including: “From my point of view, THE most useful/helpful presentation of any the Happy Hours/Industry Insider/Seminar events we have held.”

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