Women’s Equality Party Animation

17th May 2021


We are proud to share our recent animation for the Women’s Equality Party UK.

When the Women’s Equality Party approached us to animate their Party political broadcast for the London assembly ballot on 6th May we were delighted (and a little daunted) at the prospect of collaborating with the writing prowess of Catherine Mayer and Luke Jennings. The brief was to create an authentic and moving 3 minute piece, covering sensitive topics such as Violence against Women & Girls, Saving Childcare and Jobs, affordable housing and accessibility to transport, A story of Inclusivity for all.

From a grey and bleak beginning, a tale of hope emerges as the story gathers pace, radiating colour, positivity and equality as the broadcast comes to its climax. Our Brighton based studio of creatives, with a strong female LGBTQ(IA+) team were very passionate, working tirelessly night and day for 2 weeks at an incredible pace to bring this story to life, we wanted to make sure the messaging was authentic and the characterisation and storytelling was compelling despite communicating some very tough truths.

Our client suffice to say was very happy with the end result:

“ I just wanted to say a big thank you. I’m still so blown away by the broadcast, and so delighted that we could work together on it. It’s hugely appreciated, and this is reflected from the rest of the team who also send their utmost thanks.” Helena Moody -Women’s Equality Party

WEP emerged triumphant from the ballots last week, gaining a seat in Milton Keynes Bletchley & Fenny Stratford and over 55,000 votes in the London ballot. It’s fantastic to know that we have tens of thousands of people joining us in our want for equality.  Our Animation aired on BBC and ITV nationally, some of those eager to share their delight in took to twitter with some incredible feedback:

@scottm “Not gonna lie, this is one of the best party political ads in a long, long time.”

@bakerpictures “Loved the animated story. Bravo @C0LLAB0RATE!”

@lucyhall03 “Some really clever small details in this animation. Particularly enjoyed the focus on the “green man” . Bravo you have my vote for being truly inclusive for all of us here in London”

@JessieSorores “What an amazing political party ad”

@AlmostStace “London friends! Best. Ad. Ever.”

@GeorgiaLadbury “I’m not usually a big fan of party political broadcasts, but if you’re ever going to watch one in your life – make it this one. It’s fab: moving and hopeful.”