Welcome to the Team Siobhan

6th January 2021


Collaborate are excited to introduce you to our newest creative sales agent! Meet Siobhan! Siobhan grew up spending her time in her home town in Buckinghamshire and travelling back to Ireland to spend time with her greater family.

Graduating from the Illustration course at the University of Portsmouth in 2013 she took on an exciting freelance career in Illustration. Anything from storyboarding to character development! A couple years later she took on a role as senior designer at a small 2D animation company just outside of London.

During this time she was fortunate enough to pitch to various big broadcasters, such as Netflix, Nickelodeon and Disney. 

Coming from this kind of background, her primary concern has always been communicating through art. Whether it’s pitching a new idea or working with a client on their perfect creative brief. Being able to successfully communicate a concept is key.  Joining Collaborate was a no brainer, it’s in the name. Collaborate. Communicating and working with clients and with artists. 

When this creative sales agent isn’t working, she spends her time re-watching classic 80s action movies and tending to her large assortment of indoor plants.

Commissions, queries or just want to say hello? Get in touch with her here: [email protected]