Film and TV Charity

We are proud to share this sneak peek of our latest animation project. 

Working with the Film & TV Charity to create an informative animated film, on what actions people can take should they experience first or second-hand, bullying, exclusion, discrimination, micro-aggression or sexual harassment.

The brief was to create an animated film, which provided information on what harassment is, how to catalogue this, steps you can take, legal advice and the support available. Creating a film with such sensitive material, whilst maintaining a strong visual and captivating look was no easy task, but one we were honoured to take part in. Working from the script we storyboarded this film, bringing the concept to a whole new level, injecting life and true emotion to create a vulnerable yet strong message. 

Using an abstract graphic style, we were able to maintain an authentic and emotive feel to this film, whilst providing clear and concise actions and advice to the viewer. Providing information on how you can catalogue areas even as small as micro-aggression, helping to spot behavioural patterns and process what has happened. Demonstrated through the hero character, representative of anyone, who is mistreated and made to feel out of place, who rises up, using the resources to reclaim their space and potential. We wanted to ensure that the message conveyed was visually engaging, whilst providing a wealth of information in a calm and soothing manner.