Adventures in English

Cambridge University Press

Here at Collaborate we are very excited to be part of a children’s campaign in educational publishing that brings together an unlikely collaboration between the creators of Minecraft, Mojang, and Cambridge University Press. Minecraft! ‘English Adventure’, developed by experts at Cambridge Assessment English, is designed to help children learn key English language skills. It is being featured as a demo during a virtual ‘Summer Camp’ event in July hosted by Microsoft China, to demonstrate how a video game environment can be utilised as a virtual classroom, providing lessons and tools for both teachers and students.

As a kids motion graphic studio, we were tasked with the job of creating a logo, promo video and assets for a social media campaign to launch English Adventure. The 15 second promo video uses blocks and pixellation to transition between scenes of characters solving puzzles, building and communicating with each other. The logo and social media teasers also play with a retro block-building aesthetic that champions the brand identity.